RV Camping Advice and Tips For A Great Vacation

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Do you think RV camping is easier than using a regular tent? RVs can let you sleep in soft and comfortable beds, cook wonderful meals in the kitchen, keep you warm during the cold nights, and provide toilets and showers to keep yourself clean. In addition, you can keep gears in the motor home so going on trips will be hassle-free. But even though RVs can offer all of the comforts of your home, it does not automatically guarantee that it is easier than using the traditional tent and sleeping bag. RV camping requires more than having a full tank of gas and driving to your desired location. It also entails planning and organization before the trip, and even during and after your camping event.

You will need to be prepare and get organized if you cant your RV to be ready for the campgrounds. This means having the proper gear dedicated for these kinds of activity. To save time packing for every trip, invest in the supplies for the motor home. For instance, you can get another set of sleeping bags and keep them in the RV if your kids regularly use theirs during sleepovers. By doing this, you don’t have to pack and unpack the sleeping bags every time you go on a trip. You can also store extra pillows, blankets, sheets and comforters. Keep a spare sheet of your main bed so you have a clean sheets when you need to wash the other in the laundry.

Ensure that you have a couple of quality towels, wash cloths and dish towels. It may be tempting to use cheap items and second-hand items in your RV but you’ll be glad that you have soft towels to dry off during your camping trip.

RV: Rent or Own?

RVs are expensive but you should also take into consideration the gas that you will use. Nowadays, a big part of your vacation budget will go into fuelling your RV. So whether your RV is rented or your own, you will need think about the budget you will allot on gas.

Before committing to buying an RV, borrow one and take at least on trip to see if you will enjoy the experience. Take the kids with you and make sure all the adults can take turns in driving.

After you first trip, ponder on the number of times you might use the RV every year. If you will only use it a few times, you should reconsider buying an RV. There are several options in renting an RV however, all of these includes a daily or weekly rental fee and additional rental tax. You can choose to rent and return the RV to the u same establishment as this will save money (compared to having a one-way trip). If its your first time, you can try to go to nearer camping sites to save money on gas and rent.

Tips and tricks for RV camping:

1. Easy packing with the family: Provide each family member a box or tote that’s the same size of the chair in the dining table. Let them each fill these with their clothes and personal items then transfer the boxes or totes to the RV for effortless and compact packing.

2. Opt for campgrounds or RV parks with water features: Pick out a campsite or RV park near a lake or bodies of water. Even though the RV or the camp facilities provide the comfort of a shower, the camping experience can be a lot more fun by playing in a lake or engaging in water sports.

3. Park wisely: Choose to park your RV under the shade so you won’t need the A/C to be running all the time, and keep in mind that though most public lands only offer nightly rates, RV parks have weekly and monthly rental spots available.

4. Find a great deal: A lot of campgrounds (like state parks and national forests) need campground hosts and they will provide a parking location in the RV area for free and a small stipend (commonly $20/day or less) if you settle there during busy seasons. If you find a place you love, you can consider this option.

5. Consider bringing a secondary transport vehicle: Whether it’s a car, a motorcycle, or bicycles, families can take any kind of secondary transportation.

Checklist for RV Camping

• Sleeping Bags
• Sheets
• Pillows
• Blankets
• Mattresses
• Towels
• Food, Water and Ice
• Foil and Plastic Wrap
• Paper Towels
• Dish Soap
• Broom and Dustpan
• Cooking Oil
• Spices
• Plastic Bags
• Garbage Bags
• Shirts (long and short sleeves)
• Shorts and Long Pants
• Sweatshirt and Light Jacket
• Shoes, Sandals, Hiking Boots
• Extra Socks
• Underwear
• Books
• Extra Socks
• Base Layers
• Rain Gear
• Toilet Paper
• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Soap
• Baby Wipes
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Lotion
• Deodorant
• Sunscreen
• Lip Balm
• Bug Spray
• Medications and Prescriptions
• Lawn Furniture
• Firewood and Kindling
• Waterproof Matches
• Headlamps, Flashlights and Lanterns

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